Anti-theft RV Security

By: David Gilchrist

It's no secret that caravans can cost an arm and a leg – and that makes them a tempting target for crooks. Here are a few ways to discourage the crims and send them looking elsewhere.

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As increasing numbers of Australians take to the roads in caravans, and the value of those vans climbs ever higher, it's little wonder caravan security has become a hot topic.
A combination of new technology, trusty old-fashioned devices and new laws have all made it more difficult for thieves to make off with our caravans and our possessions, yet too many owners leave things to chance.

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That's despite increasing awareness of security thanks to the prevalence of built-in GPS trackers in new vans and the rising number of owners fitting older vans with after-market tracking technology. At the same time, new Written-Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) laws have made it more difficult for thieves to 'rebirth' stolen vans — a practice whereby crims transfer vehicle identification numbers (VINs) from damaged vehicles bought at auction, or elsewhere, to stolen vans to give them a 'clean' identity.

While such initiatives have helped deter thieves, it never hurts to review your security and look for improvements. Here's some handy tips for keeping your van safe, and a few products and apps to help keep your investment out of the wrong hands.

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In the full article you can learn about lockable hitches, GPS tracking and wheel clamps, as well as plenty of tips for caravan security. 


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