Destination: Cape York Memories

By: Ron and Viv Moon

Ron and Viv reminisce on four decades-worth of adventures to Cape York in far north Queensland.


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Crossing the Archer river well downstream from the normal crossing during our 1989 exped.jpg

A lot has changed on Cape York since my first trip, as we discovered on our latest trip to the Tip. It had been two years since I was up there — and that's the longest break I've had from the peninsula since I started going there more than 40 years ago.

That first trip to the Cape was to paddle the Mitchell River from near its source to Gamboola Station, where the mighty stream begins crossing the vast Gulf Plains before entering the sea near Kowanyama. Professional croc hunting had just come to an end in Queensland and although we saw a few crocs they were small and very, very flighty.

Now the crocs are much more common, a whole lot bigger and completely fearless of man; I don't think I'd paddle a canoe on too many streams on Cape York now, if any at all. Having said that, during the early 1990s, we paddled the Jardine, Eliot, and Dulhunty Rivers. In our backpacks we carried inflatable canoes to the source and onwards to where the water was deep enough to paddle down to the sea — and had some impressively scary run-ins with big crocs on each trip.

Paddling the small falls before the big drop on the Mitchell River 1978.jpg

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