How To Maximise Your Battery Capacity

By: Steve Cassano

Enough electrical oomph? Get the low-down on how to customise your 4WD's electrical components, to ensure sufficient power and maximise battery capacity.


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Decked out and ready to go

Many 4WDers and camper trailer owners have certain expectations about which standard extras will be included, or at least easily added, to their purchases.

It's not too cynical of me to suggest that many manufacturers like to pre-install a myriad of electrical apparatus and gadgetry that, hopefully, entices a straight purchase from the showroom floor.

I recall a time when many vehicles and trailers would be classed as luxury if fitted with an AM radio with twin speakers – and even then it was an option that you needed to tick.

Fast forward to today and there are heaps of cool and nifty electrical devices available. But what happens if your pride and joy is an older model, or you purchased it second hand? What if what you want is not easily available off the shelf?

Perhaps you simply want to customise your rig a certain way and save a few dollars? Perhaps your own design acumen and skill on the tools are the best way to achieve what you’re after?

After much personal trial, effort and the strong desire to get it right, hopefully I can impart a few pointers that work for me when it comes to adding and customising electrical options.

Typical Layout of wiring at rear of Carling Switch Holder

In the full story, Steve discusses planning, auxiliary batteries, fuses, switches, wiring, tools and tubing. 


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