Top Summer Survival Tips

By: Scott Heiman, Photography by: Scott Heiman and Getty Images

Staying safe this summer isn't just about the beach; your family's survival in all types of environments depends as much on preparation as it does on general knowledge and common sense.


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Summer is fast approaching and, as the weather heats up, many of us will take to favourite water holes to cool down. And when we do, we may remember the water safety mantra from Aussie swim coach Laurie Laurence’s ‘Kids Alive — Do the Five’ campaign from 1988, the initiative that aimed to reduce the number of children who are drowned, particularly in backyard swimming pools.

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However, it’s worth remembering that the risks around water aren’t limited to children. In the Royal Life Saving 2018 National Drowning Report, 249 people drowned in Australian waterways and more than 550 people were hospitalised for non-fatal drowning. Of those drownings, 76 per cent involved people over 25 years old. Indeed, more than 46 per cent were aged 45 and over — almost half! And 72 per cent of drownings were male.

When travelling in remote areas without access to assistance in an emergency, it’s important to have a good grasp of the incidental risks, whether it’s the risk of drowning or other dangers that can turn a day on the road into an ordeal.

The four universal Principles of Survival are Protection, Rescue, Water and Food, which can be remembered with the mnemonic: Please Remember What’s First. To these we like to add an introductory principle — ‘Tell Someone.’ So, let’s look at all five rules and some examples of how they may apply for you this summer.

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