Discoverer Campervan: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

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Get into the campervan way of life with an RV from Discoverer Campers, which is built on the frame of a Volkswagen T5.

  • Twin-bed layout
  • Gas-free cooking
  • Ideal for touring couples


Volkswagen T5 campervan

Currently, the two vehicles of choice for campervan conversions are Volkswagen T5s and Toyota Hiaces – it’s been this way for many years. Various other vehicle manufacturers’ vans have been used from time to time for camper conversions, but the VeeDub and Hiace are the mainstays.

Campervan By The Sea

The verdict

In some weird ways, campervans such as this twin-bed Discoverer are a little like the device Dr Who travels around in. The TARDIS is, from the outside, a circa-1950s/’60s British police box, its main characteristic being that it’s considerably bigger on the inside that it looks.

Now, the Discoverer campervan isn't blue – and isn't that good! – but it is still designed along the lines of practical living and maximising living space.

If the campervan/motorhome lifestyle is what you desire, but you have a very tight budget, then a campervan such as this Discoverer would be a great place to start.

Man Sitting In Campervan

I liked

  • A well laid-out interior
  • Relatively good kitchen, given the size of the van
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Electrical charge/fuse panel
  • Kitchen bench extension
  • Cooktop and microwave that can be used inside or out

Electric Plug In Campervan

I would have liked

  • Better fit and finish in some areas
  • Better access to the under-bed storage areas

Campervan Layout

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