Trakka Torino: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

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Flexible and surprising, the latest Trakka Torino has the looks of a van with the feature packed interior of a caravan.

Although there are smaller Fiat turbodiesels available, Trakka’s Torino has the most powerful –the 3.0L, 132kW/400Nm engine. It makes for a fun and stress-free drive, even with the sometimes dithery six-speed AMT gearbox. Certainly, the van is an easy handling motorhome – equally at home on country roads and in town car parks.


There’s no doubt the Torino is a motorhome rather than a delivery van – several bin doors, gas cylinder, toilet cassette and mains cable give the game away. Not to mention the awning, rather odd-looking TV antenna (kept folded when not being used), table rail fitted in the door and external LED lights. Oh, and little things like the Seitz windows, of course. Being a van conversion, there aren’t any non-dedicated storage bins but there’s a good area available underneath the bed at the rear.

One of the options that Trakka offers is for a diesel-powered cooktop and heater. This eliminates the need for gas cylinders and therefore offers more storage space. However, it does mean a change in cooking style, too.


Inside the Torino, Trakka has made a few subtle changes to the interior decor including the interior lining, colour scheme and lighting. Nothing that changes the Trakka character though, it is still very recognisable.

Up front, the swivel seats have a choice of tables that can be fitted between them. There’s the one used between the lounges in the rear and there is also a smaller one that’s hidden in the wardrobe when not being used. A very handy item is the small hinged shelf that sits behind the driver’s seat, good for something like a small laptop or a cup of tea.


I liked...

  • Driving the Torino
  • Flexibility of rear bed/lounge
  • Roller shutter doors

I would have liked...

  • More time to play, that is for sure
  • Grill for the cooktop
  • Reading light for the ‘desk area’ at the front


Weights and measures

  • External length 6.37m (20ft 11in)
  • External width 2.05m (6ft 9in)
  • Internal height 1.93m (6ft 4in)
  • Travel height 2.68m (8ft 9in) (2.74m/9ft with AC)
  • Tare 3200kg
  • GVM 4005kg


  • Base vehicle Fiat Ducato Multijet 180
  • Engine 3.0L turbodiesel
  • Gearbox Six-speed AMT
  • Max power 132kW@3500rpm
  • Max torque 400Nm@1400rpm


  • Brakes ABS disc
  • Fresh water 120L
  • Grey water 80L
  • Batteries 2x100Ah
  • Solar Optional 135W
  • Air-conditioner Optional
  • Gas 1x4kg


  • Cooking Dometic two-burner
  • Fridge Waeco 12V comp 136L
  • Microwave Sharp Carousel
  • Toilet Thetford cassette
  • Shower Vari height, flex hose
  • Lighting 12V LED
  • Hot water Truma 14L

Options fitted

  • Metallic paint

Price as shown

  • $122,500 (on road, NSW)

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