Paradise Integrity Lite Deluxe: Review

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

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Paradise awaits in the new Integrity Lite Deluxe, a luxurious, no-expenses-spared motorhome from Paradise Motorhomes.

Well-engineered products, safety features galore and a comfortable suspension system are hallmarks of the Paradise Integrity Lite Deluxe, but also prove this motorhome has not been designed to a price.


The Integrity LD has an external length of 7.5m (24ft 7in) , with a dry Tare weight of 3760kg and a GVM of 4495kg. When a full load of fresh water (127L) and fuel (100L) is added, you are still left with just over 500kg for the passengers and their luggage. A 5200kg-rated chassis is also an option, but that requires a Light Rigid truck licence and is probably not necessary in most instances.

Supplying the motive power for the Integrity LD is an Iveco Daily 50-210. Normally, the Daily is powered by a 125kW/430Nm turbodiesel but Paradise fits the more powerful twin turbo 150kw/470Nm along with the now standard eight-speed auto gearbox. All this makes for a good road cruising combination, not to mention power on tap when it’s needed.

All the motorhome’s master switches are located above the entry door, which is very handy when you’re coming and going. The LED lighting system is superb – as is to be expected in a motorhome of this ilk. Most of the major light switches are by the entry door and there’s even a two-way arrangement by the bed that controls lighting in the bed area as well as the external lights. I also appreciated the extra cab lights, which made reading maps and directions after dark so much easier.


Up front, both the cab seats swivel around – and they swivel easily, which is not always a given! Paradise has solved one of the bugbears of the Iveco Daily – the handbrake being in the way of swivelling the driver’s seat. It has solved the problem by removing the handbrake and replacing it with a Paradise-designed electronic equivalent with a switch on the dashboard. The only thing to keep in mind is that there is a few seconds’ delay while the handbrake is released.

In conjunction with the sideways-facing lounge, the swivelling cab seats create a spacious lounge and dining area. The table is very stable, but height adjustable, and can be easily moved around. What the stable table also offers is benchtop working space, which is a bonus because there really isn’t any on the kitchen bench – most of the space there is taken up by the stainless steel sink and the four-burner cooktop with grill underneath.

One feature I particularly liked was the shelf above the driver’s cab. When motoring along, I tend to keep my camera on the floor beside the driver’s seat – not ideal, but it keeps it handy while ensuring it can’t fall. However, the lipped shelf and its accompanying side cupboards were a much better solution and worked well for me.


The kitchen has four decent-sized drawers, all soft closing and self-locking. Several of the drawers are fitted with adjustable, high-tech (expensive) compartmented panels which work very well.


All in all, it adds up to a motorhome package that offers luxury travel with style and comfort in spades.



  • Driving the Iveco Daily
  • External storage bin capacity
  • High-quality fittings
  • Great LED lighting
  • Charging points in convenient locations
  • Convenient storage above the driver’s cab


  • Small kitchen


Weights and measures

  • External length 7.5m (24ft 7in)
  • External width 2.42m (7ft 11in)
  • Internal height 2m (6ft 7in)
  • Travel height 3.12m (10ft 3in)
  • Tare 3760kg
  • GVM 4495kg


  • Base vehicle Iveco Daily 50-210
  • Engine 3L twin turbo
  • Gearbox Eight-speed auto
  • Max power 150kW@3100-3500rpm
  • Max torque 470Nm@1400-2000rpm


  • Brakes Disc ASR, ESP and HBA
  • Water 1x127L (fresh); 1x100L (grey)
  • Batteries 2x100Ah
  • Solar 3x100W
  • Air-conditioner Truma Aventa
  • Gas 2x4kg 


  • Cooking Dometic four-burner and grill
  • Fridge Waeco RPD 190L
  • Microwave Panasonic inverter
  • Toilet Dometic cassette
  • Shower Separate cubicle
  • Lighting 12V LED
  • Hot water Truma gas/230V

Options fitted

  • None

Price as shown

  • $216,715 (on-road, Qld)

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