Camping Trailers

Camping Trailers

Another of their range of reliable 4×4 camper trailers is theOdyssey XR, equipped with features such as independent trailing armcoil suspension, 140L water tank and complete 12V and 240Velectrical system, big airflow tent section, electric brakes and aplenty of storage space, and an ergonomically designed innovativekitchen.

The more luxurious ZR off road camping trailer comes with awell-tested gas hot water system for quick and easy showers, withhot water able to be pumped to the sink. An en-suite can be erectedquickly for privacy, and the ZR 4×4 camping trailer comes with theoption of having a children's room, boat loader, or solar panelsfitted. In addition to the comforts of the XR and ZR off roadcamper trailers, the self-sufficient Signature features 560L ofstorage and an 82L Evakool fridge / freezer in a purpose-builtdust-proof container.

Manufactured with cutting-edge technology, the QUANTUM Series II4×4 camping trailer is the ultimate camper trailer for those whoexpect caravan comfort from an off-road camper. This 4×4 campingtrailer features a re-engineered chassis with a bigger drawbar forincreased strength and durability, an improved suspension, and anoff-road industry first macerator toilet system.

For those who want an off road camping trailer that has internalliving and cooking facilities, the new Matrix Off Road Caravan isthe ideal choice. This full size 4×4 caravan was engineered andconstructed using a fibreglass composite shell that is extremelystrong, comparable to shells used to build off-shore racingboats.

Australian Off Road's range of tough, versatile off road campingtrailers allows you to navigate Australia's most remote regionswith peace of mind.