Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab: Review

By: Phil Lord, Photography by: Jack Murphy

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The Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab’s extended cab gives buyers the flexibility of two-plus-two seating capacity, as well as a more generous tray than the dual-cabs offer.

With the benefits of extra seating and a larger tray, Mazda’s BT-50 Freestyle Cab is a flexible, competent tow tug.

Re-visiting the BT-50 has given us the opportunity to not only try the Freestyle Cab in its latest guise (we haven’t tested it since the previous, pre-2012 model), but also to see how thecurrent model is shaping up after a couple of years on the market.

The BT-50 only seems that little bit better than before, with its strong, lag-free engine performance and solo fuel economy. As a potential tow hauler, it is a stable vehicle with good, if not exceptional, performance or economy.

The versatile Freestyle cab design is a winner for couples who don’t often need to carry extra passengers, but appreciate the option to do so, while enjoying an improved cargo space over the dual cab.

Mazda’s BT-50 Freestyle Cab Specs

  • Engine 3.2L inline five-cylinder turbodiesel
  • Max power 147kW at 3000rpm
  • Max torque 470Nm at 1750–2500rpm
  • Transmission Six-speed automatic
  • Length 5365mm
  • Width 1850mm
  • Height 1804mm
  • Wheelbase 3220mm
  • Ground clearance 237mm
  • Kerb mass 2054kg
  • Gross Vehicle Mass 3200kg
  • Gross Combined Mass 6000kg
  • Fuel tank capacity 80L
  • Roof load 100kg
  • Towing capacity: unbraked/braked 750kg/3500kg
  • TBM maximum 350kg

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