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Who can advertise on the site?

Private sellers and Licensed Dealers can become account holders within the TradeRVs by signing up via the online form here.

For private sellers, advertising starts from $49 per listing independent of the selling price.  You only pay once until your item is sold.

For Dealers and Manufacturers, the starting price is $150 per month for unlimited leads and listings.

How do I update my product details?

1 - Log into account.
2 - Find your listing on your seller dashboard.

3 - Click on the green button to edit your listing.

4 - Follow the onscreen prompts to update various aspects of the listing, price will be available on the second screen.

5 - Follow the prompts by pressing "Continue" and making adjustments as you see fit until the last step where the main button changes from "Continue" to  "Save"

6 - Press save and your listing will be updated in a few seconds. 

How do I remove my ad from the site?

1 - Log into your account (using your email address and password used for the account creation). 

2 - Find your listing on your seller dashboard under my ads.

3 - Click the blue button to mark your item as sold.

General Enquiries

Ph: 07 3340 0024

Email: cprado@emprisegroup.com.au



Ph: 07 3340 0024

Email: content@emprisegroup.com.au


Ph: 07 3340 0024

Email: cprado@emprisegroup.com.au