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Searles RV Centre



Searle’s RV Centre was established in Bundaberg by Ben Searle in 2008. However, Ben and his family’s association with motorhomes, caravans and the travelling lifestyle goes back much further.

Ben’s father, Paul, established a successful caravan yard in Geelong, Victoria in 1972 and operated it until 1989. Ben became hooked at an early age and started working in the business washing vans, helping in the workshop and going to caravan shows handing out brochures.

Ben’s knowledge, experience and appreciation of his customers’ needs really has been a lifetime pursuit.

After brief careers in accountancy and the car industry, his true passion for the caravan industry drove him to open his own yard in Bundaberg.

Searle’s RV Centre has been a successful business from day one and has continued to grow regardless of economic conditions.

Ben puts this success down to:

• giving his customers the support they expect and deserve, regardless of their location;
• his own love of caravans and motorhomes;
• creating a community of engaged customers around Searle’s RV Centre.

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