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Protrek Jerry Box

Versatile storage solution and easy access to frequently used camping items.

Amongst the off-road caravan set, you must look the part, and a bunch of big tool boxes, high mud tyres, and a brace of jerry can holders count you as part of the team. But I bet there are dozens of caravanners travelling with empty jerry cans in the holders. Some might carry spare fuel or water on their first trips, but when they realise they never use it, the extra weight seems like a bad idea.

Protrek has come up with a neat way of using the holders with a versatile storage solution that fits most holders. Made from light 2mm aluminium, the boxes weigh only 4kg and have a 33L capacity. 

The lockable lid also acts as a working platform and helps you sort through the contents, while recessed handles ease lifting and carrying. The cover is recessed for better weather protection. 

The Protrek Jerry Boxes will be a helpful place to store frequently used items, and because they are easy to clean out, they will be great for dirty hoses or rubbish.

The Protrek Jerry Cans are well made and look the part. Recommended retail is $249.

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