Different Types of RV in Australia

Different Types of RV in Australia

There are many different types of RV to buy or hire inAustralia, making the right choice depends on your personal preferences and budget. There are a few basic RV types, including a camper, cutaway van chassis, fifth wheel trailer, fold down, travel trailer, and motorhome, each with their own advantages.

A camper is a recreational vehicle that can be carried in the bed of a pick-up truck, and is often referred to as a slide-on.Truck campers are generally considered the most adaptable type ofRV, being very popular in Australia where their ability to traverse rugged terrain makes campers a useful and sensible choice. Campers are the ideal choice for those looking for an off-road adventure, and are popular with fisherman, hunters, and wilderness explorers who enjoy camping with some comfort.

A cutaway van chassis is a type of RV manufactured from an incomplete vehicle to create a specific type of RV that is referred to as a Class C motorhome. These recreational vehicles are constructed on a truck chassis with attached cab section which gives this RV the classic "cab-over" look. The benefits of a cut away van chassis type recreational vehicle include easier navigation and improved fuel economy, easy access, more sleeping space, and a smaller interior makes heating and cooling the RV more efficient.

A fifth-wheel trailer is a type of RV that is designed to be towed by a pickup that is fitted out with a distinct hitch called a fifth wheel coupling, with a section of the trailer extending over the bed of the truck. These large recreational vehicles are more popular with experienced RV owners, with the advantages of owning or renting a fifth-wheel trailer include having an expansive living area, with the more pricy fifth-wheel trailers offering the ultimate in luxury and style at a lower cost than a luxury motorhome. Fifth-wheel trailers are also stable and generally easy to tow.

A travel trailer is a type of recreational vehicle that can be towed behind a vehicle, can range between a pop-up tent on wheels to a large caravan, and are one of the most popular towable types of RV. Depending on their size, travel trailers can be towed by a wide range of vehicles, and are a good choice for holiday makers due to their good fuel economy, level floor plan, and lower purchase and rental costs.

The fold down or pop-up travel trailer is a RV where an individual uses a hydraulic lift or hand crank to open the top section of the camper to slide out the folded pieces of the trailer unit. Fold downs are reasonably priced, and their low profile makes them easy to tow and store, with no special storage required if you have space in your garage.

Motorhomes are recreational vehicles which have been manufactured with the living accommodation combined with the vehicle's engine, and usually provides sleeping space for 2 to 8 people. Not to be confused with campervans, which are generally smaller and less expensive, motorhomes have been built with comfort in mind. Easy to drive, and with no need to set anything up when you arrive at your destination, most RV enthusiasts agree that motorhomes are the ultimate in luxury and style.