Slide On Campers

There are a number of slide-on camper manufacturers that buildquality slide-on campers throughout the country that are durable,comfortable, and quick and easy to set up and take down.

Slide-on campers are suited for some of the roughest 4 x 4tracks in the outback, on the beach, or wherever your nextadventure takes you.  Thoroughly tested and using extremelydurable and hard-wearing materials, slide-on campers can becustom-made to suit your specific budget and requirements to fit avariety of vehicles.

A range of slide-on campers is available that has been designedto fit most 2 or 4 wheel drive utes.  Flat tray campers areideal for single, dual or 1 ½ cab utes that have an aluminium orsteel tray top, including the Ford Ranger, Toyota Landcruiser,Nissan Patrol and Navara, Holden Colorado, Toyota Hilux, IzuzuDmax, and Mazda BT 50, amongst others.  Flat tray slide-oncampers come in a variety of design for different vehicle types andsizes.

Slide-on campers feature a low centre of gravity which gives thevehicle a fantastic weight distribution, and most pop-up roof openwithin seconds for a quick and easy set up with minimal time andeffort.  Quality slide-on campers have solid insulatedfibreglass roofs to easier climate control and weather proofing,with tough and durable walls and floors that keep dust and waterout.  Most slide-on campers have large screened windows foradded ventilation and to keep pests out.  Having a slide-oncamper means you can enjoy your holiday with or without towing anadditional vehicle such as a trailer or boat.