The Omeo proves it can cut the mustard offroad

Tambo Omeo: Review

While it’s a tried-and-true design that won’t necessarily win the innovation award, the Omeo is a very solid, sensible camper with plenty of no-nonsense features. It is quite self-sufficient, with enormous battery capacity and a fair amount of water onboard.

Overall, this is a very well-presented camper, with excellent canvas quality and a great finish. A lack of adequate sealing where the wires pass through the body is the only downfall in regards to quality of finish. Nothing has been left to chance when it comes to build quality, though, with a solid, robust structure, beautifully stitched canvas and an excellent and well equipped slide-out kitchen.

The Omeo proves it can cut the mustard offroad, with a Treg hitch, good body protection, good offroad tyres and a simple, durable suspension all serving it well. This is a quality camper that should keep its value more than most. The X-Factor? Well, the Omeo is not the most exciting camper, but impresses with its quality.

Specs for the Tambo Omeo:


  • Tare: 920kg
  • ATM: 2000kg
  • Suspension: Nine-leaf eye-to-eye
  • Brakes: 10in electric
  • Coupling: Treg offroad
  • Chassis: 100x50mm Duragal
  • Drawbar: 100x50mm
  • Body: Steel
  • Wheel/tyres: 16in steel rims/LT265/76R16
  • Style: Softfloor


  • Box size: 2700x1800mm
  • Length: 4500mm
  • Tent size: 2700x3200mm


  • Gas: 1 x 4.5kg
  • Water: 85L
  • Cooktop: Two-burner external stainless gas
  • Kitchen: Slide-out
  • Battery: 2 x 120Ah Century

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