This is a fine-looking unit and the quality of finish shows all over

Patriot X1: Review

Really, this little beast will satisfy the demands of many. No, it doesn’t come with great swathes under canvas, but it does come with more than enough. It is simple and tough, and if you are going offroad, it can be pulled anywhere, by anything. To the surprise of a few, grey nomads are snapping this one up, too.

It has evolved from last year and the new addition of a chainsaw shelf is a winner (we all love them, but they stink, are dirty and are always in the way). When it comes to self-sufficiency, this trailer is not overloaded, but is more than adequate. It has a quality battery and Redarc charging system, which compensates for only one battery. There’s heaps of storage to take whatever you need. Some surprises here too — with lots of shade, a kids’ room for shelter from the elements, stereo, hot shower and easy-to-use kitchen, it does better here than what you would think at first glance.

This is a fine-looking unit and the quality of finish shows all over — the result of superior fittings from quality suppliers. It is strong and is clearly number one in genuine offroadability. This is a lot of camper for the price, plus it comes with a five-year warranty! Wow, what a unit.

Patriot X1 Specs:


  • Tare: 700kg
  • ATM: 1200kg
  • Suspension: Independent, coil springs, twin shocks
  • Brakes: 10in drums, electric
  • Coupling: VC D035
  • Chassis: 50x100x2.5mm hot-dipped galvanised
  • Drawbar: 50x150x2.5mm
  • Body construction: Aluminium
  • Wheel/tyres: 116in steel rims/ LT285/70R16
  • Style: Aluminium shell, rooftop tent


  • Box size: 1700x3200mm
  • Length: 3220mm
  • Tent size: 1800x2400mm


  • Gas cylinder: 1 x 4kg
  • Water: 70L (140L option)
  • Cooktop: Lido gas two-burner/grill
  • Kitchen: Slide-out
  • Battery: 1 x 120Ah Fullriver AGM (2x120Ah Option)