Excellent engineering and a high-quality finish are a winning combo in this all-Australian hardfloor

Rhinomax Outback Warrior: Review

An excellently designed and manufactured camper, the Rhinomax Outback Warrior would please even the most discerning buyer.

The Outback Warrior is aimed at couples, but is also family friendly thanks to the addable kids’ rooms. Rhinomax likes to sell its campers “remote ready” and that is evident in the high-standard of fit-out.

It has plenty of electrical storage and water, with great canvas, sleeping arrangements and kitchen, making this a well set up offroad camper. The precise body construction means limited sealant and greater durability. This camper tows well, with good departure angles, and with only the back edge of the tank touching in some deep and sharp gutters.

A five-year warranty and a willingness to travel to fix any problems make for strong customer support. At this price, “remote ready” with a high standard of fit-out, this camper would have you stopping to ponder the price and value of campers over $20,000 dearer.

Rhinomax Outback Warrior Specs:


  • Tare: 1100kg
  • ATM: 1680kg
  • Suspension: Independent trailing arm with Pedders Trak Ryder shocks
  • Brakes: 10in electric
  • Coupling: AL-KO offroad
  • Chassis: 50x50x3mm RHS Supagal steel
  • Drawbar: 100x50x3mm RHS Supagal steel
  • Body: Laser-cut 1.6mm Zincanneal powder-coated
  • Wheel/tyre: 16in alloy wheels, offroad tyres
  • Style: Rear-fold hardfloor


  • Box size: 2400x1800mm
  • Length: 5200mm
  • Tent size: Main tent 4600x1800mm/Awning 6000x2400mm


  • Gas cylinders: 2 x 4.5kg
  • Water: 110L poly tank
  • Cooktop: Thetford three-burner
  • Kitchen: Slide-out stainless steel with pantry and utensil drawer
  • Battery: 2 x 100Ah deep cycle

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