Track Trailer Tvan Murranji

Video Review: Track Trailer Tvan Murranji

The Tvan is a true Aussie camping legend and for good reason — go deep into the outback and it’s Tvans you’ll see. While the Tvan is ideal for couples, it is also suitable for smaller families with the addition of bunk beds in the back. The Tvan was, and is, unique as well as innovative, which is probably why it hasn’t been copied by overseas clone manufacturers. The MC2 suspension is still the design’s greatest single feature.

With top-quality engineering and fastenings, the finish is excellent. The kitchen set-up is comprehensive, though having the cooktop at the back of the bench may be an issue for shorter people and there is not much in the way of storage around the kitchen. At this price, the lack of any hot water system or space heating is a bit of a letdown.

But if you couldn’t survive in the bush with the Murranji, you’re on the road to extinction anyway — 400kg of load capacity is very good, allowing you to carry all the necessary gear you might need. Tvans are iconic and, if you can bypass the price, it’s just a matter of whether you like them ergonomically or subjectively that will determine whether you choose this or another brand.

Track Trailer Tvan Murranji Specs


  • Tare: 1100kg
  • ATM: 1500kg
  • Suspension: MC2 Asymmetrical independent suspension
  • Brakes: 10in offroad electric
  • Coupling: DO-35 offroad with electric handbrake
  • Chassis & drawbar: Hot-dipped galvanised, fabricated steel
  • Body: Steel, aluminium, fibreglass
  • Wheel/tyres: 16x8in offroad steel wheels with 265/65 R16
  • Style: Hardfloor


  • Box size: 2800x1900mm
  • Length: 4900mm
  • Tent size: 2000mmx1700mm


  • Gas cylinder: 2 x 4kg
  • Water: 2 x 70L
  • Kitchen: External slide-out with two-burner gas cooktop, BBQ plate and sink
  • Battery: 1 x 105Ah AGM

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