Travelander Evron DC4

Video Review: Travelander Evron DC4

The Evron DC4 is a very compact unit and the ease of use will attract many buyers — press the button and set-up is done! Travelander has stripped a heap of weight out of this camper and, now Australian-built, there is also increased water capacity and the shower has been moved from previous models.

The review model was the development model, but it had some rough edges. The rear pantry door was crooked and some other features “adjusted” to make fit.

I liked the way the kitchen bench has been worked to fold out to give maximum workspace, and the kitchen is easy to get at for quick stops. I don’t love them, but the metho cooker looks interesting and is easily movable for either indoor or outdoor use. Is this the end of the gas bottle?

This is a lot of camper for the price. All the little extras fit into a compact unit and there is great use of available space. The press of a button set-up is still a winner.

Travelander Evron DC4 Specs


  • Tare: 440kg
  • Body: Dual cab camper slide-on
  • Style: Slide-on


  • Box size: 1800mm (L) x 2000mm (W) x 1150mm (H)
  • Tent size: 1800mm (L without annex) x 4500mm (W) x 3200mm (H)


  • Gas: N/A
  • Water: 147L
  • Cooktop: Metho three-burner
  • Kitchen: External
  • Battery: Lithium 120A with built-in BMS

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