Pop Top Caravans

Pop Top Caravans

Being at similar height to the tow vehicle means owning or renting a pop top caravan gives more flexibility and confidence in towing. The lower height of a pop top caravan or camper means it can be more easily and safely stored under carports and in garages.

Pop top caravans are manufactured along the same lines as standard caravans except for the roof, which can be quickly and easily raised and lowered. The two main advantages of owning or renting a pop top caravan is the ease of storage, and less wind resistance during travelling with the wind being deflected by the towing vehicle instead of the caravan. The large zip-open sections in the skirting also greatly improve ventilation inside the caravan. The disadvantages of a pop top caravan over a more traditional caravan is less cupboard or storage space, a potentially lower door height, slightly more maintenance concerns with more moving parts, and the additional time it takes to raise or lower the roof.

The types of pop top caravans available include the standard pop top caravan, the expanding pop top caravan with single or double pop out ends that offer even more space, and the off-road pop top caravan which has been designed for more rugged driving and camping conditions.

The pop top camper also provides less wind resistance during towing with a lower centre of gravity. Most pop top campers are light weight, reducing fuel consumption when travelling, and can fit in many garages or carports. Modern pop top campers also come equipped with a roof system that allows the operator to raise or lower the roof quickly and easily.

Pop top camper trailers are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, being practical and versatile and offering spacious and comfortable camping conditions. Most pop top camper trailers are constructed with long-lasting galvanised steel poles, heavyweight canvas that offers complete protection from the elements, heavy-duty PVC flooring, fine mesh panels to shield against insects, and a strong dust cover to keep the camper trailer clean while driving.