2013 Concept Caravans Ascot SX: Video Review

Concept Caravans has delivered a new level of style, sophistication and comfort in its Ascot SX that is sure to impress. The new Concept Ascot now includes as standard an exciting list of items that were previously optional and which prove to be perfectly designed for serious long-distance touring.

Thoughtfully designed from the outside in, the Concept Ascot caravan has impressive light aluminium cladding with an exclusive sleek light silver body. A six-inch chassis runs all the way through, there’s durable padding on the front, and double-glazed windows are situated throughout. With a major makeover, the eye-catching Ascot also exhibits new interior fit-out, new décor and new furnishings. Notable interior features include a workable kitchen, three-burner electric hotplate stove, built-in LED lighting, dual-cycle air conditioner and a luxurious queen bed – the details of a smart design that offer everything you would want in a home away from home.

Spacious, well-built and well-equipped, the Ascot SX has a lot to love.