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Best mid range caravans

This mid-range sector of the caravan market is flush with opportunity for buyers due to the sheer number of vans in this price bracket. You could have your pick of layouts and features – are you a touring couple, or do you need room for the kids; and is a full bathroom a necessity or will a combined unit suffice?

For this price, you’re not going to get a whole lot of serious offroad ability, but finding the right manufacturer could net you some genuine rough-road potential.


Best mid range caravan reviews


Concept Innovation

Concept Caravans has made a serious foray into the budget end of the caravan market with its Innovation 590M. It’s not the biggest van in the caravan park, but that’s the point. To keep the price as sharp as possible, Concept has reduced the length – but not the features.

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Billabong Grove

The Billabong Grove 186 Moda is contemporary and stylish, with bold interior highlights and a fairly conventional layout. Billabong’s specialty is customisation, so if the internal red splashes, for example, aren’t your cup of tea, they’ll have something that is.

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