Majestic Trailblazer


We see the Majestic Trailblazer making a big statement in Australia’s great inland, unsealed highways, like the Oodnadatta and Tanami tracks, where the van’s true home away from home size and luxury fittings will be most appreciated. 

Majestic Trailblazer specifications

With four 95L water tanks, four 125W roof-mounted solar panels, four 100Ah AGM batteries, two spare wheels, a massive Austrail chassis, an overall length of nine metres (29ft 6in), a Tare of 3050kg and a price tag of $95,000, it demands serious attention and respect.

From its Hyland offroad ball coupling at the tip of the extended drawbar, which houses a large checker-plated toolbox that stores twin gas cylinders, and twin jerry can holders behind a mesh stone shield, to the tip of its twin 16in alloy spare wheels mounted on a sturdy steel rear bumper, its travel length of 9m and substantial height and width dwarfed our Land-Rover Discovery 3 tow vehicle.

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