Trakmaster Tanami

Video Review: Trakmaster Tanami

Trakmaster Tanami highlights

  • Supreme offroad caravan
  • Designed for long-term off-bitumen travel
  • Top build quality


Built on a hot-dipped galvanised one-piece 150mm steel chassis with a Hyland offRoad coupling, the Tanami is available only as a full-height caravan in internal body lengths from 16-21ft (4.8-6.4m). The smaller versions have a combined shower-toilet ensuite and the larger ones, like our 19ft 6in review van, have a separate square shower cubicle. 

Because the Tanami’s fibreglass end panels are built exclusively for the Trakmaster by fibreglass and GRP specialists Bolwell, there is no flexibility to alter widths and all Tanamis are the same size across their beam – 7ft 6in.


Costing six figures by the time you are finished with the long option list, the Trakmaster Tanami is priced in the top bracket for offroad caravans of its size. But, for long-term travelers who don’t want to be deterred by rough road conditions, it is a supreme ‘ship of the desert’ that is well equipped with all the essentials for remote area travel.

In some ways, such as its solid ‘picture frame’ timber interior fit out and furnishings, the Tanami is slightly, and reassuringly, old fashioned when compared to the latest caravans with their sleek CNC cut furniture and fashion décor.

While we believe some things on the option list should be standard, few people will be disappointed with the very individual and comfortable caravan they get for their money.


  • Top build quality and finish
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Attention to detail for off-road travel
  • Ease of towing


  • Stone protection for gas cylinder cover
  • Exterior shower
  • More options included in base price

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