Majestic Trailblazer

Video Review 2015: Majestic Trailblazer

There’s so much you’ll learn by casting an eye over the Majestic Trailblazer. It’ll change your mind about luxury vans. There are not too many vans like this on the Australian market.

The Campbellfield, Vic, factory, in its 12 years building caravans, has made a big and colourful statement with the big Trailblazer – you won’t mistake it for anything else.

Design & Construction

The Trailblazer features far more neutral tones inside than it does out. The combination of beige cupboards and off-white walls and ceiling works really well to show off the neat, spacious interior layout. The layout itself is a departure from the norm.

The entrance door is towards the front nearside and, as you step in, the island bed is to your left is, and on the nearside wall the kitchen, while the fridge sits opposite on the offside, just in front of the dinette. To the rear is the ensuite bathroom. And what a bathroom it is.


There is so much room in here; it would put some household bathrooms to shame. While the room is an unusual shape, it offers a massive amount of practical space. A huge bank of cupboards on the nearside wall offer hanging space and storage shelves, complemented by the lockers above the vanity and one cupboard below.

The front-loader washing machine under the vanity unit, the Thetford cassette toilet on the offside wall and the separate shower cubicle complete the picture. This all works well, with perhaps the exception of the door to the ensuite – it appears to be an opaque glass, aluminium frame shower door that is perhaps too flimsy for the job as the main ensuite entrance door.


Moving back out to the main living area, the kitchen bench on the nearside wall is a reasonably generous space to prepare food. The deep sink and large domestic drainer would make cleaning up that bit easier and with the cover down over the cooker, there’s loads of space to get everything prepped and ready. The microwave is set up high within the lockers above – it’s not an ideal position given you can’t easily manage hot liquids from that position.

The café-style dinette with tri-fold table is fine for a couple, but if friends were invited to join them, it’d be a bit tight. In fact, the dinette feels a bit small overall, as if perhaps the compromise for that huge ensuite was a tighter dining space.


There is some storage space under the bed and also in hatches above and cupboards to the sides. Bedside table space is quite limited – some is better than none, but if you wanted to put a glass of water by your bed and also reading glasses and a book, you’d find the items competing for the small space.

The Trailblazer’s batteries are managed by a Genius Model 30-35, which is housed with water level indicators and the hot water service switch in a locker above the kitchen.

With a strong chassis underpinning what is a big caravan loaded with features, the fact is that the Trailblazer is no featherweight. You will only be able to tow it with a select few 4WD wagons and utes. Not only that, with its 3340kg ATM, you’ll be restricted to a 400kg payload in the van. With the four 95L water tanks filled, you’ve got 380kg right there. That leaves just 20kg of payload. Certainly, you would be tempted to leave at least one water tank empty.

Measuring up

I liked...

  • External kitchen
  • Large ensuite and living area

I would have liked...

  • Stronger ensuite door
  • Lower Tare/higher payload

Majestic Trailblazer Specs

Weight and measures

  • Overall length 9.07m (29ft 9in)
  • External length 7.06m (23ft 2in)
  • External width 2.39m (7ft 10in)
  • Interior height 2.04m (6ft 8in)
  • Travel height 3.09m (10ft 2in)
  • Tare 2940kg
  • ATM 3340kg
  • Ball weight 253kg


  • Frame Meranti timber
  • Cladding Aluminium composite panel
  • Chassis DuraGal 150x50mm
  • Suspension Cruisemaster XT independent, coil springs and twin shock absorbers
  • Brakes Al-Ko electric disc brakes with Al-Ko Sensabrake actuator
  • Wheels 16in alloys with
  • LT245/75R16 tyres
  • Battery 4x100Ah AGM
  • Solar 4x125W
  • Air conditioner Aircommand Ibis
  • Gas 2x9kg
  • Water 4x95L
  • ESC No


  • Cooktop Swift four-burner, grill, oven
  • Fridge: Waeco 215L three-way
  • Microwave dLuxx by Swift
  • Toliet Thetford swivelling cassette
  • Shower Separate fibreglass cubicle and separate external shower
  • Lighting LED
  • Hot water Suburban 22L gas/electric

Options fitted

  • None

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