Best Caravans rating criteria

Best Caravans rating criteria

We couldn’t test and rate 13 vans without first laying some ground rules. Comparing vans, regardless of how similar their price point, can be like comparing bananas with kiwi fruit: they both taste nice but that’s the extent of their similarities. Our 10-point scoresheet aimed to ensure a level playing field across the board.


Best caravans 10-point rating criteria

1. Value for Money

Taking everything into account, does this van offer genuine value for money? In some cases, this criterion is the tie-breaker.

2. Towability

We’re not sure that this is even a word, but ‘towability’ sums up what we’re looking for. Does the van tow steady and true, or is it like a drunkard making his way home on a Saturday night, wandering all over the road?

3. Setting Up and Hitching Up

Is it easy or unnecessarily fiddly? Has 21st century technology been employed to get you relaxing under the awning faster?

4. Suitability for Intended Touring

Does the van do what it says on the box? Is it adequately fitted out and built for what its builder claims?

5. Layout

Is the van visually appealing inside, or is it mutton dressed as lamb, a fading movie star trying to regain his good looks? Has enough thought gone into the layout for easy, convenient touring? Is there enough storage, and is it designed sensibly?

6. Quality of Finish

Whether it has a fibreglass finish or aluminium cladding, is there enough attention to detail? How does the upholstery rate? The cabinetry?

7. Build Quality

Will the van fall apart at the first corrugation, or is it a well-built rig?

8. Creature Comforts

How does the van rate in terms of modern conveniences?

9. Innovation

Is there anything new and exciting about the design or build? Has the manufacturer employed something you haven’t seen before, and is it effective?

10. X-Factor

The WOW factor!