Keep the kids occupied: The secret to road tripping with children

Tips for travelling with kids

If you are planning on making a road trip around Australia with the kids in tow, you might need to undertake some extra planning. We have rounded up some tips for travelling with kids to ensure your road trip around OZ is as stress free as possible.

Tips for travelling with children

Plan to make lots of pit stops

Instead of completing the trip in one go, take it slowly and let everyone (including the kids) stretch their legs at attractions along the way. Remember the journey is half the fun and the children will enjoy the fresh air.

Invest in extra rear view mirrors

To avoid needing to turn around whilst driving, invest in extra rear view mirrors to help you safely keep an eye on the kids. If the children desperately need your attention and you are driving without another adult, always pull over where safe to attend to them. Chances are, you are due a pit stop.

Be sun smart and weather smart

Plan ahead of the weather. Make sure you have plenty of protective clothing for the kids to suit the climate you are heading. That means lots of hats (they always get misplaced), sunscreen and long sleeved light tops in sunnier climes and appropriate layers for cooler regions.

Avoid the sugar trap

Filling kids up with lollies and hot chips from the service station may keep them happy for a while, but sugary and high-fat snack lead to a fast release of energy, followed by long bouts of tiredness. Instead, pack fruit, unsalted nuts, yoghurt or rice cakes with Vegemite. After a few hours, you’ll appreciate the slow energy release that healthy food provides.

Give children responsibility

We’re not talking about driving the RV but all children crave a little responsibility and the road trip provides ample opportunity to integrate a few chores or duties. Perhaps holding on to the map, taking a few photos, doing a quick head count as you get into the vehicle or making sure your pooch has enough water.

Finding family friendly accommodation

Australia is blessed with many family-friendly holiday parks. If you book holiday parks which offer facilities especially for the kids such as play grounds, pools or games rooms you could be saving yourself a few headaches. 

Bring books for the kids

Visit the library before embarking on your trip, and if the kids have a school reading list why not pack the listed books. Books stimulate the imagination and never run out of batteries.

Start a holiday project for the kids before you leave

Take the time to rouse their interest in your destination before you leave. Then on the holiday they will be keen to further explore the history, attractions and culture of the area. An exercise book and and a glue stick can keep the children entertained for hours on the trip as they scrapbook pictures, maps and things they collect from the places you visit.