Towing courses



Some people are natural caravanners, but for the rest of us, it’s through hard-earned experience that we learn the skills necessary to make a decent fist of towing a rig.

If you want to get a leg-up with towing training, there are specialist schools in many places across the country. A towing training class is usually a relaxed affair where you get to spend a day learning some towing theory but also get plenty of valuable practice.

Having trainers on hand to give advice on how you can improve is one of the best elements of the course. That's because the trainers are paid to see you improve your skills.

They will also explain the legalities of towing, the weight rules and their implications, and will also have plenty of information about the realities of towing when out in the back blocks.

The better courses are competency-based – you will be required to achieve a certain level of skill before receiving a statement of attainment at the end of the course. A good towing course will be held in a safe environment such as an empty car park booked exclusively for the training course or a purpose-built track.

Basic practical knowledge, such as how to safely couple or de-couple a trailer, how to check lights and brakes, and how to communicate with a spotter, should be included. You should be offered practical exercises in driving around obstacles and learning about cut-in. There should also be plenty of time dedicated to the element of towing with which most people seem to have difficulty – reversing onto a site with a caravan attached.




Tow-Ed offers a comprehensive towing course covering all types of trailers, boats and caravans. Offroad trailer courses are also available. Tow ed had venues across Australia.

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RACV and RACQ offer a practical one-day training course designed to teach you about towing safely and confidently. The courses cover towing laws and regulations as well as practical driving-whilst-towing tips. RACV offers a discounted rates for members.

More info: RACV towing or RACQ towing


Metec Driver Training

Metec offer two courses for caravanners. One is a full-day course aimed at those new to caravanning. The other is specifically about towing and is intended for those who would like to improve on their existing towing technique.

More info: Visit the website



Ultimate guide to towing

Everything you need to know about towing caravans and campers including towing capacity, tips for safer towing and towing road rules.

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Matching tow vehicle and caravan

The best way to match your vehicle to your caravan is to realistically look at the type of use you expect from both. Ask yourself these crucial question when trying to match a 4WD or car to a caravan or RV.

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