Win a portable barbecue

WIN an Outdoorchef City Grill portable barbecue

The City Grill is compact, gas-powered kettle barbecue which is portable and quick to assemble, making it ideal for travellers. The kettle has a diameter of 39.5cm and while the barbecue has a standing height of 41.5cm, the legs fold up and clip on to the lid to save space when travelling.

It has a sleek enamel surface with distinctive orange handle and super-fast combustion, capable of heating from 0 to 350 degrees in about five minutes.

A unique funnel system ensures there are no flare-ups or unpleasant smoke as it directs heat along the walls of the kettle to produce even heat. For a highly concentrated heat source, simply flip up the funnel to make perfect for grilling or roasting.

If you prefer to keep food away from direct heat, close the lid and there is no need to turn until the food is ready. Leaving more time to pour some wine, drink some beer and have a chat!

For your chance to win an Outdoorchef City Grill, tell us in 25 words or less about the worst camp cooking disaster you’ve had.