The Sirocco fan is a huge improvement on our current fan, and has many good features

Sirocco 360 Cabin Fan: Product Test

When we saw an ad for the Sirocco cabin fan that claimed to be super-efficient and quiet, and operated on 12V and 240V, we thought we had found the ideal solution and would have to carry only one fan.

We have always carried two because 12V fans are often smaller, noisier and less efficient. The other attractive features of the Sirocco fan were the four-speed operation, low current draw and the timer. The fan is designed and made in Canada.

When we phoned to check it out, we were told there had been a misprint in the ad and that the fan actually operates on 12V or 24V (as used in some motorhomes). It is designed to be wired directly into the RV’s 12/24V circuit and permanently mounted, but we ordered ours with a plug which was compatible with our 12V outlets.


Because we prefer to be able to use the fan in different positions, we chose to mount it on a high density polyethylene cutting board. This was achieved by following the instructions supplied, after first detaching the backing plate from the fan. The fan has an ingenious gimbaled mount, which allows it to rotate through 360° but also fold flat.

Setting the fan on a bench in the van, we plugged it in and pressed the large button on the side to turn it on. At low speed, the soft blades deformed rather than cut after accidental contact with a finger. Repeatedly pressing the button progressively increases the speed of the fan. The readings on our digital ammeter were 0.33A for slow and 0.71A for fast speed, compared with 0.95A and 1.26A for our own quality marine 12V fan. Our multimeter does draw a very small amount of current, so the actual draw would be slightly less. The amount of noise generated by the Sirocco fan was negligible, compared to an irritating hum and rattle from our old fan.

Pressing the small button below the main button activates the timer. Each blue LED illuminated on the base of the fan indicates two hours of operation, for example, two lights means four hours of operation. On hot nights, it is wonderful to be able to doze off with the fan on, knowing that it will switch itself off in a few hours when the ambient temperature has dropped. We did not feel safe sleeping with the old fan turned on, being worried that it could burn out if left on all night.

Because not everyone wants to wire in and permanently mount a fan, it would be wonderful if this fan had a 12V socket and could be operated via a 12V lead or through a transformer when connected to 240V supply. Admittedly, the low current draw means that it could reasonably be used on 12V even when 240V is available.

Certainly, the Sirocco fan is a huge improvement on our current fan, and has many good features.

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