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Featured Dealer: Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre

Featured Dealer: Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre

We sat down with Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre to discover what makes its range of Australian-made campers so popular.

Please tells us your story of Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre

On a road trip to Uluru in 2009 in their part-owned ‘renovators delight’ camper trailer, best friends Michelle Hedge and Kellie Casey saw an advertisement for a Johnno’s Camper Trailer franchise and made the decision to buy in. The available area was Melbourne East that captured the eastern corridor of suburban Melbourne. After two years, the decision was made to ramp up and take the business on full time. Located in Ringwood, they went from a small factory to a larger one, all the while looking for an Australian-made ‘hard-floor’ camper. Fast forward to 2016 when they signed an agreement with Cub Campers, Trayon Campers and Armadillo & Customline Campers. 

This also brought the name change to Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre, with our focus being Australian-made campers. This decision has been the best so far, we have now relocated our showroom to Pakenham and since grown further to offer camper trailers, slide-on campers and more recently, hybrids, all made right here in Australia. In 2019, Trevor Karlhuber joined the team as our sales manager. Trevor brings experience in car sales and camper sales/service. He too is an avid camper with extensive travel experience. 2020 brought many challenges but we’ve been able to persist and have never been so glad of our business decisions as a team thus far.

Do you have any awards?

In house Johnno’s Franchise Awards — Franchisee of the Year 2013. Johnno’s Juggernauts Club 2014, Sales Gold Award and Outstanding Retail Based Franchise 2014.

What is your brand known for?

Cub Campers is the longest camper trailer manufacturer in Australia and Trayon Camper has been manufacturing slide-on campers in Australia for 27 years. Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre offers extensive product knowledge (we use the product that we sell) and old-fashioned customer service. Returning customers that purchased soft-floor campers are now upgrading to hard floor and forward-fold campers.

Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre

Which one is your best selling product?

The Cub forward-fold range is extremely popular. In the slide-on campers, the Trayon 1980 Diesel Deluxe model is the most popular.

Which one is the staff's favourite product? 

Cub Forward Fold; it’s just so easy and suitable for couples and families. Trayon 1980 Diesel Deluxe, demo model, is the go to for the MCTC team!  

Why have you chosen to partner with the selected brands offered by Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre? 

Because they are Australian-made and offer dealer support.

What are the top three destinations you recommend everyone visit? 

Kimberley’s, Flinders Ranges and of course the Vic High Country. As Victorians, we are certainly spoiled!

What are your top three tips for enjoying your product the most? 

Get out there as soon as you can, take your time and call us should you have the simplest question.

What is the one piece of advice you give first-time and experienced buyers alike? 

Use the product. Only then will you get the best out of it and the more you use it, the more confident you’ll become.

These are some of the brands you can expect to see when visiting Melbourne Camper Trailer Centre: 

Johnno’s Camper Trailers, Armadillo Camper Trailers, Customline Camper Trailers, Cub Campers, Trayon Campers, Traymate Campers and Rhinomax Campers