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RV AND Caravan Towing guide


Towing is the process of coupling one object to another, so that one object is pulled, drawn or dragged by the other. This guide refers to one vehicle pulling another vehicle by towbar. Unless you own or are planning to buy a motorhome, towing is an essential component of touring life. Read on to discover all there is to know about safe towing or visit the: Guide to caravan safety and security

to learn more handy tips for safe caravan driving.


Towing terms

Knowing your tow terminology can help when researching and buying a caravan. It can also help you to safely choose tow vehicle / caravan combinations and ultimately lead to safer towing.

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Towing capacity terminology

Once you know the basic towing lingo, it's time to get a better understand of towing capacity. This guide will help you get a handle on the weights and balances of your tow vehicle and rig.

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Guide to safer towing

Malcolm Street shares his holistic guide to safer towing. He covers vital elements of towing including the importance of correctly matching vehicles and caravans, tow vehicle modifications, how to keep tow rigs level and a check-list for towing safely.

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Matching tow vehicles and caravans

The best way to match your vehicle to your caravan is to realistically look at the type of use you expect from both. Ask yourself these crucial question when trying to match a 4WD or car to a caravan or camper.

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Towing: are you at risk?

Do you and your partner share the driving? Have you ever done a caravan towing course? Would you know what to do if one of you got injured and you were outside of phone range? John Mack's checklist makes for a sobering read so find out what you can do to minimise risk on (and off) the road.

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Guide to hitching up

There's more to hitching up a van than simply dropping the coupling onto the towball. Read this guide to discover everything you need to know about hitching up your caravan like a pro.

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Guide to smarter towing

While taking the 4WD for a spin doesn’t usually involve much anxiety, doing it when you’re towing a caravan creates a degree of angst for some drivers. Read this guide to help you develop your confidence and improve your towing skills.

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Caravan towing training courses

Towing training classes help you not only improve you towing techniques but your confidence when towing a caravan. 

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How to reverse with a trailer

Backing up a caravan or fifth wheeler is not as difficult as it seems once you understand some of the fundamentals. We give you eight easy steps to follow to reverse a caravan or camper trailer with ease. Follow this how-to guide to learn how to reverse a trailer like a pro.

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Towing law essentials

Although we are supposed to have national towing specifications, it seems there are still some variations across the country. Know the essentials of legal and safe towing.

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State-by-state road rules for caravanners

No matter where you're travelling in Australia, there are rules that apply to towing. We take a look at some of the specifics around the country including speed limits, using more than one lane, laws surrounding tow capacity, and more.

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10 courteous towing tips

Of course you need to follow the state and national road rules. But did you know there are other unspoken road rules of caravanning that are just as important?

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